People are such liars;
they say life makes them smile.
But deep inside their lives,
they complain all the while.

People are such liars;
they say they’re loved by all.
And yet they are so lonely
when they cry at every fall.

People are such liars;
they make you seem all wrong.
They live such tuneless lives,
and jeer at your song.

People are such liars;
they live a life so shallow.
Yet make it seem so large,
and expect you to follow.

People are such liars,
they marvel at their fame.
And know that once they die,
no one recalls their name.

People are such liars,
they boast a generous heart.
And selfishness bursts in
right from the very start.

People are such liars;
it’s clearly hard to miss.
So obvious, I know not,
what made me write all this!

October, 2010


One thought on “Liars…

  1. The end felt a little abrupt, but to answer its your keen observation of things that go around.
    Nice poem though. You must have won prizes in poetry and elocution I guess.


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