That tear is a stranger

Welled up in my eye.

I always prized myself

As one never to cry.


Yet you dissolved my heart

And turned my steps to stone

As I tread the lonely way

To what I call my home.


A place of empty darkness,

Sans sparkling smile of yours.

Perfect to mind my business,

Within four walls, closed doors.


Those singing to solitude

Are no longer a-singing.

I know not what in future

The tides of time are bringing.


Oh, I would take them all;

My beacon’s lost its shine.

I will though not lose heart,

I know you’ll be just mine.


A thought of soothing comfort,

Albeit not truly wise,

A language sweet yet foreign,

I cannot recognise.


We knew it had been coming,

An inevitable goodbye.

And yet I could not stop

The stranger in my eye.


Nor stones dragging my footsteps,

Darkness emptying my home;

If it weren’t for you,

I’d love walking alone.


April 2012


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