Summer Night

Summer night! Your valour knows no bounds

As you battle your way through flightless air.

And bloom the jasmine’s delicate neck

To adorn your damsel’s jet black hair.


Summer night! You are a tempter in the wild

Fanning passions untold in the light of spring.

Scot free whims broaching the stillness

Fluttered solely by a restless wing.


Summer night! You alone evoke such beauty,

Embracing virtue, yet caressing a sin.

Your dark eyes dance unfathomably,

A gust of lavender anoints your moonlit skin.


Summer night! Your countenance pacifies,

Soothes raging fires, lightens heavy tempests,

Kindling a gentle flame, a loving drizzle,

Retaining a passive fondness, an obscure interest.


Summer night! These are mere words… you are beyond.


May 2012


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