The Sun

I climb the mountains, up and high

I caress the wind and touch the sky

I order the light to come and unfold,

And colour the sky with copper & gold.


I open the day, so fresh and clear

I gently wipe every leaf’s tear

The young lotus smiles coyly at me;

I wish I could tell her about her beauty.


I warm the day & there’s a change in the scene

People grumble and complain, but that’s routine

Coz when the wintry days never seem to end

I warm up the hearts and live, like a friend.


I filter though woods and dance on every tree

I kiss the beach; throw pearls in the sea

I blossom the peach and blush the summer day

And laugh at the sunflower on my pathway.


As the evening arrives, I throw my colours astray

I grip the wind’s saddle and ride all the way

For here, the day’s ended; there it has begun

The world longs for me, for I am the SUN


September 2005


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