They are everywhere: in windows and glasses, in whips and nuts, in hearts and minds,

in lives.

They come with a variety of meanings, yet everyone of them has essentially the same characteristics- rawness, boldness, frankness. A whip cracks with horrifying brutality, a window cracks with speedy carelessness, a young heart “craque”s at the presence of those fascinating eyes dancing wildly on the waves of an enigmatic smile…

And of course, only a “crack” person would know how many screws in his head are loosened due to the whole “cracking” saga.

Diamonds, they say, last forever. Fortunately or unfortunately, cracks do too. A once stylish glass now carrying a crack continues carrying it, no matter what. Tape it, glue it, conceal it, camouflage it, decorate it, and you’ll find that the crack stays.

A crack lasts forever.

In a world of papers, pencils, erasers and yet more papers cleaned of their mistakes, a crack is a quirky reminder that not all actions (mistakes, rather) come equipped with erasers.

And again, that annoyingly crooked, wiry crack works its way up in less than a second to prove what man has been struggling against since eternity: imperfection.

Mourn it as a pathetic failure or accept it as a realistic comfort (it doesn’t matter, for it will never change), but imperfection is the ultimate reality.

With all our starry and petty successes, we forget that there’s something higher to be achieved. We forget there’s room for improvement. We forget the crack still exists.

We feel doomed when those cracks are exposed to this competition-torn world, but we seldom realize that by representing our failures, they represent our humanity. Yes, there is an end. Yes, we can stop.

Isn’t it somewhat a relief to know our limits?


December 2007


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