Just Asking

Have you ever looked at the cloudless sky and wondered if it would be the same over me?

Or felt the wind on your face and asked him for the scent of my hair?

Or believed that the sun stole the pearls from my necklace, just to throw them in the sea?

Or followed the darkness with a crazy, ever-strengthening hope that, in the end, I would be there?


Have you ever watched a hurrying crowd, and let your eyes search for my face?

Or kept on calling me just to hear my voice, even though I wouldn’t take your call?

Or, after I’ve said goodbye, kept feeling my presence at every corner, every place?

Or tried to hug me tight even though I had not uttered a single cry after my fall?


Have you ever found me very beautiful and said it without a calculated thought, just free and loud?

Or thought of asking me to express wholeheartedly why do I feel so much for you?

Or told someone else, in my presence or absence (doesn’t matter), that I make you happy and proud?

Or got me flowers, candy, a small poem or a thoughtful token, just out of the blue?


Have you ever wondered why do you share so much and yet know so little about me?

Or why do I find such a stark similarity between your attachment and others’ detachment?

Or why do I still write silent letters (which lie unopened, unread) to you, despite your company?

Or if I could ever feel tired of carrying this on all by myself, without your care and compliment?


Have you ever looked at the cloudless sky and wished genuinely that it would be the same over me?


October 2008


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