Just Say It

This is how it’s gonna be, this is how i see it.
If you want to be my dream, don’t hesitate, just be it.
But stop treading so gingerly, your steps don’t have to falter.
just leave a footprint (once for all) and don’t bother to alter.

Come speak up what you want to say, don’t lurk behind the door.
I know what it is on your mind, I’ve noticed it before.
It makes no sense to not mouth it, no point in keeping mum.
I know you want to share that part, I daresay I’d like some.

Your silences don’t work with me, I’m too blunt, you realise?
So hinting subtly might be sweet but’s not a move that wise.
And when sweet turns to pathetic, you know it won’t be funny.
So why waste time and not blurt it? My time is worth my money.

April 2012


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