The Rainbow

I blush with the lavender afresh in full bloom,

I run alternately between vibrancy and gloom,

I spread at the horizon after every sunset,

I grace the first arc and I am violet.


I stress on my vibrant and dominating presence,

energy and joy are the core of my essence.

For all, I just spread with the ink’s subtle flow.

I grace the second arc and I am indigo.


I quench the thirst of a parched eye,

I swirl with the seas and touch the sky,

I’m cool and calm, tranquil and true,

I grace the third arc and I’m blue.


My sight can make your senses sing.

I drape the nature and signal spring.

I’m fresh, I’m life, joyous and clean

I grace the fourth arc and I am green.


I dot the fields of pretty sunflowers,

I spread on the earth through sunny showers,

I carry cheers and an optimistic glow,

I grace the fifth arc and I am yellow.


I squirt through oranges and sprint through flowers

I bring bubbly moods and joyous picnic hours.

I bring hearty laughs and a sweet, pleasant change.

I grace the sixth arc and I am orange.


I dance in the fire, I’m fiery and strong

I’m pure and passionate; I carry love along

I symbolize dominance, the power, the head.

I grace the seventh arc and I am red.


I come to life with the sun and rain

I gather nature’s beauty and spread it all again.

Wide eyes when I come, sweet sighs when I go,

I grace every heart and I am the rainbow.


May 2006


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