The Snob Artist

What irks me the most is an artist who blows

His own trumpet, and lauds his shows

And does not give a damn to what others say

And always wants to have his own way.


He thinks he is smart, sensitive and clever

Not prone to arrogance (no, never!)

People just love him, he makes their day

And once he has arrived, he is there to stay.


Truth is, he is conceited, with inflated brains

And when he is gone, none of his charm (?) remains.

He takes pride in demolishing what others have built

And nurtures pure arrogance, to the hilt.


They think the world of themselves, I don’t know why

They define their own talent and think they fly high

And think they are so loved (seriously, is that true?)

Why? There are better people, who do some work, too!


I don’t know why they are important (or why they feel so)

They think others are ignorant (and they don’t take a no)

Eccentricism is something they truly personify

Mediocre people, who boast as seconds fly.


These people are such, I don’t give a damn

It takes guts to say “I show what I am.”

And yet I take so much pain to write

Hoping they’d change (as if they might).


Dear artists, (with all due respect to your art)

You are not always clever and lovely and smart.

Your skills don’t make the world your slave,

If possible be humble, and please: behave.


November 2010


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