Temperatures are dipping,

The air is filled with frost.

The streets are wide and empty,

The alleys quiet and lost.

It’s been ages since the sun smiled,

Since warmth stole the day.

Winter’s been too stubborn,

To relent and melt away.

Teeth are all a-chattering,

Sweaters have lost their sheen.

And no one can remember

How long it has been

Since we had a rainy Sunday,

Or a cloudy humid week,

Or a hot day with sweat rolling

Lazily down the cheek.

A glassful of buttermilk,

A cool watermelon,

A springtime flower blooming,

Under a cheery sun.

So winter’s all it is,

It will not take a no.

Dream of warmth all you want;

It does not seem to go.


January 2012


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