I look away, though from the corner of my eye,

I cannot help but stare

as he runs his finger on her cheeks,

and she hers, through his hair.

He laughs into her eyes, and she strokes his chin,

she could not have seen better,

for his charm is irresistible,

his dimple even sweeter.

He clutches her shoulder, and she chides him

for a moment, he’s surprised.

Then he smiles and pulls her hand closer;

she smiles…things, again, are nice.

They, obviously, mean the world to each other.

I feel the warmth of their love,

the simple divinity of it all,

created at  heavens above.

They are lost in themselves, their close knit bond,

quite unaware that I see

the blossoming moments they share,

wondering what would it be

to be a mother.


October 2012


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