To Fall or not to Fall

The whisk of a look that leads winds astray,

The stars within simply light my heart’s way

And while your tempest rages, all that I can do

Is clutch my heart and pray and try not fall for you.

It is in your walk, it is in your gait

It is in those times when I do nothing but wait

In hopes of seeing myself succumbing to your charm,

Tripping on your foot and grazing your arm…

I pull myself together and hope it is not true:

The fact that one can’t but fall for you.

It is in your laughter, it is in your eyes.

I’m young; you can’t tell me to not fantasize.

Sure, I’ll be quiet; I know the worldly ways,

But you can’t douse the fire burning in my gaze.

My boldness isn’t foolish, I know a trick or two

It’s more out of a choice to not fall for you.

What will the chaar log say (a thought I do not gather)

does come to haunt me, and cause occasional bother.

Oh screw it, for God’s sake; I seek forbidden pleasures.

They are not man’s alone; they are every devil’s treasures.

I have had what I wanted, and I will this time too;

I simply see no point in not falling for you.

– December 2013


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