I wished to write
But words didn’t speak;
My urge wouldn’t seek
An expression.

My poems were dry,
They had no face.
They sought solace

With words and such
I had my way
They made my day
Through eloquence.

Until you came
And brought along
That made my song

You said it such;
I was dumbstruck
I could not duck
The blow dealt.

The tears it stopped
I could not wipe
The time once ripe
Was now gone.

The love it stirred
Left me charred
I was barred
From feeling.

Several seconds
I kept my mum
And searched for some
Words, again.

They could not come
They were all dead
So all I said
Was wow.

For what killed
Was simple and bare
Frank and fair:
The truth.



– January 2014


One thought on “Incapable

  1. Oh… Unconventional structure with dire emotions. I hope its more of a fiction.

    This structure of poem which you have presented here, somehow reminds me of a prayer my mom recites, its it in praise of goddess Lakshmi. The fourth line which marks an abrupt yet precise end to the verse loaded with emotions.

    I wish I could recall that prayer.


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