No Room for Platonism

I run away from you as far as I can,
As subtly and quickly as I ever ran,
For I cannot avoid if I stay rooted
To your footprints; I have been enough looted.

I scurry when you come by; that smile on your face
Is scarily enough to make me fall from grace,
To succumb to a weakness I can barely conceal,
To incur such wounds I would then not heal.

I look not in your eyes; I cannot bear your touch.
I appreciate your friendship (thank you so much).
What’s gone is gone; I am left with a burn
In that part inside which will never return.

I have had bones broken; I chased ghosts of the past.
I have risen and fallen, and mended pretty fast.
I have seen reunions and people break apart,
But nothing prepared me for how you crushed my heart.

No, we can’t be friends, my love is not platonic.
My passion is uncontained, my senses in dull panic
Of losing the right to feel what I do;
I’d rather lose a friend than simply not have you.

– January 2014


3 thoughts on “No Room for Platonism

  1. There should be “suggest edits” on wordpress: “is scary enough” not “is scarily enough” I think ?

    This is beautiful and brave. You should post some more of your poetry to Quora, you could even make a poetry-blog !

    (uhm, I suppose it might not be obvious; I go by Eivind Kjørstad on Quora. We’re friends)


    1. I do not know, I will look up the grammar part. Of course, I guessed it was you from your style of writing 🙂 Thank you so much, I will definitely start one once I get other things in order.


      1. It’s tricky. I don’t suppose you intend to say that the smile is “scary”, but perhaps more something like “scarily, your smile is enough to make me fall from grace” (but that doesn’t work in the poem)


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