Anarchy at the Farm

Don’t piss off the chickens,Don’t cause them harm.They might seem stupidBut this is their farm. Yes, they are foolish,So damnedly slow, But let them rule;Where else can they go? Don’t run or shoutOr clean; they’ll chicken.Just leave it to them,Let your skin thicken. Let all be messy,Let all be hit.Just keep your mumAnd cash on… Continue reading Anarchy at the Farm


An e-mail from Google was all it took to make me halt and take a look. They made an offer! What the…? I gasped. How…? but I…!? And yet they asked! Some pride, some wonder (some cuts now heal); with freshened spunk. Wow, what a feel. Yet neither with regret nor stifling a sob the… Continue reading Googled.