Anarchy at the Farm

Don’t piss off the chickens,
Don’t cause them harm.
They might seem stupid
But this is their farm.

Yes, they are foolish,
So damnedly slow,
But let them rule;
Where else can they go?

Don’t run or shout
Or clean; they’ll chicken.
Just leave it to them,
Let your skin thicken.

Let all be messy,
Let all be hit.
Just keep your mum
And cash on it.

You will see the joke,
It will be funny!
Just laugh it off
And protect your money.

The chickens have rebelled,
The farm rules are broken.
The farmer is sleeping;
He can’t be awoken.

Keep your head low,
Your eye on your dime.
The anarchy will pass;
Till then, bide your time.

March 2014


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