To bow down and work diligently,
To look beyond the realms of our world,
And as collective dreams unfurled,
The sky was no longer the limit.

Time was scarce, and treasure, even so
Of what we had, we had to make gold
And accomplish something so novel, so bold,
God, you gave your shoulder.

Yet the step forward was human.
The tear of a muscle resounded
With minds working, unbounded,
To raise the bar of divinity.

What millions bound to parchment
As a master of our earthly fate,
Is now a triumph, unparalleled, great:
Indeed, a people of paradox.

A success indeed, so pure, pristine
The heart heaves with pride of our mind,
With love for the nation, joy for mankind.
Science, take a bow: it’s a victory for thee.

24th September 2014, the Indian “Mangalyaan” entered Mars orbit in first attempt.


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