How I Wish to Die

A heartbeat skipped, a finger gone cold,
A shudder so sudden, it could not be foretold.
Don’t make me, God, die bit by bit.
Come kiss my soul and make it quick.

A brown leaf falls, it waves and flutters.
A soul will want to escape its shutters.
The leaf shall fall and the soul shall rise,
And wouldn’t you, God, then want to be wise?

Give them the breeze to cover the last mile.
Quicken it, God, and do it with a smile.

I am loved enough for tears to be shed,
But I would not see them for I would be dead.
A flash of a second should be enough to die,
And spare us a painfully slow goodbye.

Let their eyes laugh, God, as I close mine.
Take me and heal them – just do not waste time.

June 2015


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