A Reaction to “Time Does Not Bring Relief” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Time brings relief to the hopeful mind.
The rain weeps tears that cleanse my soul
And sea waves filled with laughter roll
Echoing him, his laugh, his eyes.
The snow that tumbles from the skies
Is but a memory of his lips,
Descending as a kiss that rips
Through autumn leaves, through greying smoke,
To heal the heart that cracked and broke.
A hundred places sing his charm,
Where I walked with him and held his arm
And he told me how he loved me so.
Oh! Those are the places I want to go
For they still hold him and me as close
As I have wanted; time alone knows.
I stand there and say “oh! Here we are!”
For then he cannot ever be far.
Time keeps his footprint on my mind
and our love alive- for time is kind.



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