Time is brisk. It eats our conscience, wipes its hands on the fabric of our soul, and walks off, leaving us to clean the table.

Sometimes, if the conscience is clean enough, it leaves behind a tip.

While you wipe the table clean and count your coins, Time is already heading to work. It has so much to do, and it cannot wait. Time works at a nameless position, in a nameless place. It isn’t visible or obvious, but what Time does for a living affects you, me, all of us. Time works really subtly, so subtly, that we find it hard to believe that Time is at work when one of us exclaims it to be.

Time is already at its desk. It gets to work straightaway; no slumps or sighs, no emails or coffee. It opens your life and reviews the contours that lead up to your present peak. Some, it enhances. Some, it modifies. Some, it creates. Others, it wipes out.

It is hard to design a future and navigate through a past without a bias or an agenda. Yet, Time manages without either. In the process it heals and hurts, creates hope and havoc, and always, always imparts a lesson or two. And if you have done your part, you get the lesson.

Just like the tip.

– December 2015


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