If Life were an Unending Musical Piece…

If life were a musical piece, which one would pour through mine –
The babble of a bubbly brook, a rustling spruce or pine?
Perhaps it would echo the roar of a gentle, brooding sea
The sound of nature – clear, strong – would surely ring through me.
A baby’s laugh would strike a chord, great words would grace mankind
My life would be that music piece which lights a human mind.
Sweet ballads that just never cease to fuel our fancies wild,
Would sound through tempests of my life, both passionate and mild.
The sweet lilt of a santoor shy, the power of a voice
A tabla might just rule my life; silence might be a choice.
Who knows what song would sing my soul, what melody my worlds share
In Him I rest my final note; it’s His burden to bear.

-January 2016


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