Quora Question: What does it take to win your heart?

My answer –

Situations have wondered where my fixations lie;
Many a souls have blundered to think I crave the sky.
Confuse not all my comforts with what ambition brings.
I might sound condescending, but I like simple things.

You ask me what it would take to win over my heart;
I wonder how it would make a difference on your part.
You simply got to be you, true to where you belong,
And yet if I don’t like you, you still stand firm and strong.

If joys can make you dazzle, if you understand grief,
If you can express either, and still be sharp and brief,
If straightforward subtlety can blend with sharper wit,
I will sit up and listen, and you will have a hit.

You don’t have to protect me; you don’t have to be nice.
I take no patronizing, I judge no social vice.
Treat me as you treat yourself and those equal to you.
My gender hardly matters; it has no privilege too.

There’s no glory in pursuit; yearn not to win my heart.
Have goals that become grander each time you play your part.
Don’t want just me; I blunder, and have my share of flaws.
Accept that and let me be, just like I always was.

Go read, be kind, go travel; go feel that nature’s pull,
Be true to what your mind says, and see the cup half-full.
The little things do matter, and if you get them right –
Well, there you have your answer – there’s nothing more to bite.

– March 2016


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