One Last Time

I am spectacularly late (by more than a month!) in coughing up my year-end doodle, but better late than never. Here it is –


In the wee hours of early morning

As dew glistens on grass,
one last time.
And birds twitter,
one last time.
And light spreads on still waters
Like gold poured on glass,
I look with open eyes
At past year’s worse and better.

In the warmth of a blanket,
The privileges I count
So easily outnumber
The wars I won.
A morning breeze races
Bleak sunrays to the ground,
As stillness dissolves,
In a melting winter sun.

As a blue mist slowly rises,
one last time.
And soils warm up
one last time.
And the pendulum swings
Between the losses and the prizes.
A tick of Time’s feeble keeper,
Fills the cup of life, drop by drop.

– February 2017


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