A thousand lists of groceries, A bank form roughly filled, Folded laundry, forgotten keys, A patty neatly grilled. Making the bed, feeding the cat, Reminding end to end, And yet wanting to do all that – That is marriage, my friend. – September 2016

I Wonder.

The earth is celebrating How can you sit at home? Across the streets and pastures The winds of change have blown. The sultry sun has faltered, Grey clouds have dropped their frown. How can you not be smitten As nature wears her crown? Green bursts through banyans, peepals; Their leaves laugh with the rain. How… Continue reading I Wonder.


Pursue not dreams borrowed as such, Let your world grow and find them. Fulfillment will not matter much When joys of pursuit bind them. Fingers will point, eyebrows will rise, Heads will shake in refusal. Amidst the scorns of disbelief Just smile your smile; don’t mind them. Empty vessels will make the noise; Still waters… Continue reading Dreams

The Last Ones

Independent India is still shy of 70 years of age, but the last generation to see its birth is well on its way to pages of history. Many among them celebrated with a light heart, but many encountered violence, homelessness, and immense sorrow as independence split the sub-continent, homes, and hearts. While the joy and pride… Continue reading The Last Ones

शाळा संस्कृती – विभाजनाची? A School Culture of Discrimination?

अमोघचं आणि माझं लग्न होऊन जेमतेम एक वर्ष झालं असल्यामुळे माझा तसा लहान मुलं आणि त्यांच्या पालकांशी फारसा संबंध नाही. त्यामुळे आज जेव्हा माझी जाऊ गप्पा मारायला घरी आली, तेव्हा तिच्या मुलीच्या शाळेबद्दल ऐकून मला आणि अमोघला धक्काच बसला. आम्ही ओक. जाऊ पण कोकणस्थ. ती मुंबईत मोठी झाली आणि मी नाशकात. अमोघ डोंबिवलीचा. म्हणजे तसं… Continue reading शाळा संस्कृती – विभाजनाची? A School Culture of Discrimination?